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    Millions of Americans rely on the mail for important information

    In its rush to digitize information, the federal government is leaving behind over 30 percent of Americans without internet access, as well as those who don't own a computer or are unable to operate one.

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    Investors need to receive shareholder reports in paper format

    Visit our Take Action page and tell members of Congress to stop SEC Rule 30e-3.

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    Many Seniors depend on paper Social Security Checks

    The Social Security Administration is phasing out the distribution of paper checks. This is a big problem for seniors who don't have a bank account or are uncomfortable with the direct deposit process. Learn More >

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    Millions count on receiving tax forms in the mail

    The IRS is no longer distributing annual tax forms – overlooking the millions of Americans who still file paper tax returns because they don't have internet access, or are concerned about security. Learn More >

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    The Social Security Statement is still a valuable financial planning tool

    "Discontinuing the annual Social Security statement needlessly eliminates a critical source of information for Americans as they make insurance, financial, and retirement planning decisions." - Senator Ben Cardin  Learn More >

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    Savings Bonds were an important American tradition

    To save nominal printing costs, the Treasury department has eliminated paper bonds – losing millions in sales to individuals who are not comfortable with computers or prefer to give the gift of paper bonds. 



    Paper-based communications are critically important for millions of Americans—especially for seniors and the more than 30 percent of citizens without online access. Yet these Americans are being left behind as the government and private sector go "paperless" in order to cut costs. It's crucial to preserve paper-based options for Americans who need it to access information and services. 

    We can go digital without discriminating against Americans who may not, or cannot, use technology.  By getting this right, we will bridge the digital divide and achieve significant efficiency gains—without shifting costs to consumers who can least afford them.

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    Learn how millions of Americans are losing access to Social Security checks and statements, tax forms and other critical information.

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