About Us

Our Mission

As digital technologies improve and government budgets shrink, every information provider – from the federal government to private companies – is attempting to save money by forcing Americans to access information electronically.

But consider these facts from the Pew Research Center and U.S. Department of Commerce:

  • More than 30 percent of Americans don’t have Internet at home.
  • 45 percent of seniors do not own a computer.
  • Nearly half of all African American and Hispanic households and six out of 10 low-income households don’t have wired Internet at home.

The Coalition for Paper Options is a voice for those who need or want paper-based resources. We advocate for policies that protect Americans’ right to freely access information in whatever medium they prefer.

While the Coalition for Paper Options supports the use of technology, we believe that the government and private sector should promote digital services and information without discriminating against citizens who want or need more traditional access. By giving Americans a choice, we can bridge the digital divide and save millions of dollars – without shifting cost burdens to citizens who can least afford them.

Who We Are

The Coalition for Paper Options is an alliance of consumer organizations, labor unions, rural advocates, and print communications industry organizations and employees who recognize the need to preserve access to important paper-based information and services for Americans who prefer them or depend on them. Our members include: