About Us

Who We Are

Begun as Consumers for Paper Options, the Coalition for Paper Options brings together industry, non-profits and consumers. We work to address the transition to Internet-only resources at the exclusion of millions of citizens who still need paper-based options. 

Our Mission

Despite good intentions, the transition to Internet-only information and services threatens to disenfranchise millions of Americans—from low-income individuals and senior citizens to the 33 percent of citizens who don’t have internet access, or those who prefer personal transactions to divulging information online.

Our mission is to preserve access to important paper-based information and services for Americans who need or want them. There’s no need to turn back the clock on technology, but the government and private sector should promote digital services and information without discriminating against citizens who want or need more traditional access.

By giving Americans a choice, we can bridge the digital divide and save millions of dollars—without shifting cost burdens to citizens who can least afford them.

Our Partners

American Postal Workers Union

Consumer Action 

National Consumers League

National Rural Letter Carriers' Association

National Association of Letter Carriers

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