Federal Policy Position Paper

Click here to access a one-page collection of the Coalition for Paper Options' policy platform.


How Kids Can Reach Out to Congress

This helpful article provides some great best practices on how kids (and adults!) can effectively reach members of Congress and make their voices heard.


Paper Statements: An Important Consumer Protection

This 2016 Study by the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) shows the pitfalls of electronic statements, warning that efforts to institute paperless policies can create more harm than good for consumers.


Access for All: American Attitudes Regarding Paper & Digital Information

The results of a national poll which demonstrates that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose federal and private sector efforts to remove the option for paper-based resources, or penalize those who need or want it.


EMA Research: Consumer Preferences for Paper

The Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) commissioned a wide-ranging survey of consumer attitudes and preferences for paper resources, bills and statements. The results of this research, contained here, examine consumer preferences and beliefs about government resources, paper bills and statements, environmental factors and much more.


Two Sides

A non-pofit organization whose goal is to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing verifiable information on why print on paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium. To learn more, visit www.twosides.us. 


AARP "Paper by Choice" Survey

An AARP survey conducted in October 2012 found that Americans of all ages prefer to receive retirement plan documents on paper, despite efforts by both the government and private sector to digitize such information. Respondents also favor a policy that requires retirement documents to be delivered in paper form, with an option to choose electronic delivery, rather than making electronic delivery the default. Click here to access the survey.


National Consumer Law Center Testimony

Testifiying before a Congressional subcommittee, NCLC of counsel, Margot Freeman Saunders, describes critical issues with the Social Security Administration's direct deposit mandate. These issues include security, difficulty obtaining waivers and lack of transparency. Click here to access Saunders' testimony.


Social Security Statements: Observations on SSA’s Plans for the Social Security Statement

The Social Security Statement (the statement) is the federal government's main document for communicating with more than 150 million workers about their Social Security benefits. Provided annually, it serves as a key financial literacy tool that can educate the public about Social Security Administration (SSA) program benefits, aid in financial planning, and ensure that workers' earnings records are complete and accurate. 


Runaway Bandwagon: How the Government's Push for Direct Deposit of Social Security Exposes Seniors to Predatory Bank Loans

This 2010 Study by the National Consumer Law Center shows that the push to require senior citizens to receieve their social security benfits via direct deposit leaves them vulnerable to predatory lending practices.