Tax Instructions Are No Longer Available in Paper Format

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) no longer provides a paper version of Publication 17, the Tax Guide for Individuals. The IRS is neither offering the income tax instruction booklet to individual filers, nor is it equipping libraries or post offices with the booklet for distribution, as it has done in the past. The only place to find the instructions on paper is through Government Printing Office, where a hard copy version can be ordered for $10.

IRS Decision Makes Tax-Filing Difficult for Many 

Publication 17 is a critical resource for every American who files his or her own tax returns. The decision to stop printing Publication 17 completely overlooks the needs of the quarter of American households without Internet access, not to mention the 45 percent of senior citizens without a computer. These taxpayers must be able to obtain tax instructions in an easily accessible way. Instead, the cost of printing Publication 17 has been transferred directly to Americans who can least afford it.

“Until we simplify the tax code, some basic publications will have to be made available in print.”
- Pete Sepp, National Taxpayers Union